Our Search for the Perfect Sustainable Organic Sheets

Our designs are crafted with passion for detail while also balancing our commitment to sustainability.  It has been a journey to produce a luxury sleeping experience that utilizes the highest quality, ultra-luxurious, organic, heirloom bedding while also being eco-conscious and offering our products at an affordable price point.

Our Journey to Redefining Sustainable Luxury Bedding

We traveled the world to accomplish this mission, and we’d like to share our journey with you. We began our journey to finding the perfect sustainable organic sheets by sampling a variety of organic cottons from around the world. We found our ideal cotton in Italy.

Shortly after, we began our search to find a weave to transform our cotton to luxuriously soft bedding that will also last. It was important for us to guarantee that our “heirloom” linen would have longevity.  However, we discovered that the market’s choices at the time were not up to our rigorous standards.  We found we were forced to choose between an overworked weave that is soft to the touch but not durable, or a less luxurious one that would last longer.  Refusing to compromise between ethics and quality, we began the process of creating our innovative and exclusive weave. 

Our one-of-a-kind custom weave has the smoothness and elegance of sateen with the durability of percale. The combination is a perfect thermo-regulating blend to keep the body cool throughout the night; our 600 thread count sheets are soft, crisp and medium weighted for a perfect sleeping experience. 

Consistency and perfection of fabrication were our two highest goals during production. To meet these, founders Charles-Etienne and Julien Roy interviewed expert artisans while also taking advanced sewing courses. 

Our sheets are sewn by master craftsmen in our factories in Italy. Each sheet is examined to ensure that our standards in quality and design are met with each piece, ensuring there are no flaws, frays or imperfections in our sutures, hems or finished seams.  All of our sheets and linens are sewn with organic, non-toxic and eco-friendly thread.

In order for our fitted sheets to fit snugly on your mattress, we created a stronger and more eco-friendly elastic. We use rubber made from trees that is non-toxic and safe for the planet. Our elastic creates an extraordinary grip to the mattress, so that your sheets do not move when you move. In addition to its superior grip and eco-friendly nature, our organic elastic has a long-lasting durability, making it an heirloom masterpiece. 

To complete the product, our tags were developed with our luxury customer in mind. Located in the bottom corner of both our fitted and flat sheets, they provide care instructions and serve as a footer and quick and easy reference point when making your bed.

Westlake Home’s luxurious organic cotton sheet sets are available in three royal shades of white, silver and shore, designed for queen, king and California king/split king and split California king sizing. We also specialize in organic cotton split top king, split flex top and flex top king sheets.

With an uncompromising standard for excellence, all Westlake Home bedding is made from chemical-free, environmentally friendly products. Our packaging is 100% organic, non-toxic and creates minimal waste. 

We invite you to consider enhancing your selection with our organic duvet covers and pillowcase sets for an optimal sleep experience.

We also encourage you to #wakeupwithWestlake and consider yourself “woke” to the idea of becoming a conscious consumer. A conscious consumer purchases product that contributes to the well-being of the planet. Please join our movement as we redefine sustainable luxury for today’s conscious consumer, for the good of the planet and a sustainable future.