Westlake Home Founders Story

The story of Westlake Home was founded by the drive of two brothers, who aspired to push the boundaries of quality, longevity, and sustainability. Brothers, Charles-Etienne and Julien Roy had a successful business in the mass market bedding industry but started to rethink their commitment to sustainable living when the massive California fires broke out in Ventura county in late 2018. 

“My family was awakened by the loud knocks of fire fighters at our door,” recalls Charles-Etienne. “Wildfires had reached my family’s doorstep and we had to evacuate our home immediately. I rushed to Julien’s house and alerted him, and then we reached out to other family members. The next day, the fires worsened, following us to our offices in Westlake Village, forcing us once again to flee.  

In one 24-hour period, the fires changed every aspect of our lives. Julien and I vowed to make more conscious lifestyle decisions. We vowed to strengthen our commitment to creating products that positively impact the environment and that sustain the planet instead of taking away from it.”

That day was the dawn of Westlake Home, an environmentally conscious approach to ultra-luxurious, heirloom linens with reusable packaging. Or, as we refer to it, “sustainable luxury redefined for today’s conscious consumer,” notes Julien. Our organic cotton is 80% rain-fed, which reduces pressure on local water sources, and our production process reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 94%, compared to conventional cotton production. 

Our Journey to Sustainability

Our journey started in pursuit of the ideal textile, and we began to search the world for the most perfect organic cotton. Our research took us throughout Asia, North and South America, and Africa, but we could not find the quality needed to craft our envisioned end product. Our search came to an end when we finally found the perfect luxurious, GOTS certified organic cotton in Italy, where we found an artisan crafting factory.

After finding our dream textile, we moved forward in finding the perfect weave to create our heirloom, luxury linen. We realized that the softer weaves were overworked and would not meet our brand promise of longevity and heirloom quality, while the longer lasting weaves were simply not soft enough. To overcome this obstacle, we created our own custom weave, uncompromising in both quality and luxury.

We also wanted to have a submersed experience in the crafting and stitching of our products. We started our quest by taking sewing classes and later interviewed master craftsmen in the industry. Although a long and extensive process, it helped us to understand the quality of work we wanted from our seamstresses and what we were not willing to settle for. This practice was also able to shine clarity on the craftsmen and the factory our products are made in.

It took us over a year to develop our version of the most perfect, uncompromising product that reinforces our brand promise of sustainable luxury redefined and which features the finest detail and craftsmanship. We went to great lengths to explore every facet of production to ensure that we were creating a brand that was truly non-toxic and chemical-free. And, to ensure maximum longevity of our heirloom products, we created new technology with an innovative weave. 

Westlake Home is committed to making a better planet through crafting high quality organic heirloom cotton sheets and bedding products at an affordable price. 

We hope you enjoy our products and that they enhance your life as much as they have ours. 

From our family to yours, 

Charles-Etienne & Julien Roy

Chief Executive Officer, Chief Technology Officer