What’s Your Bedroom Personality?

The art of sustainable styling to get a bedroom that’s a perfect fit for you

What’s your bedroom personality? Endless summer? Modern luxe? Masculine? We have some great ideas on how you can create the perfect bedroom for your aesthetic, while also utilizing sustainable materials that are good for the environment.


Summer doesn’t have to end just because the seasons change. If you like the cool coastal hues of a breezy summer day year-round, this is the perfect look for you. This look typically has a California bungalow vibe and the best place to start is to decide what color palette you want to utilize. We like crisp, cool whites, coastal blues and stripes or neutrals, accented with rich reclaimed wood furniture.

Start with a statement headboard. We recommend either reclaimed wood in a light color, or a tall upholstered panel headboard in a neutral color with an interesting texture to set the tone for the room. Top the bed with a white duvet made from sustainable organic cotton, like our signature weave made from extra-long staple 100% organic cotton in luxe white. For the ultimate in comfort, pair it with our silky smooth 100% organic cotton sheets, also in luxe white.  We recommend framing the bed with two matching bedside tables on either side for a balanced look. Finish the look with a striped or multi-patterned throw blanket and pillows of your choice. A statement lumbar pillow in front of your other bedroom pillows is especially popular right now. 

For additional décor, add a hanging wicker lampshade, a reclaimed wooden bench or unique accent piece for the perfect finishing touches on your chic coastal retreat. 


Nothing says modern luxury more than cool, crisp hues of silver partnered with beautiful statement pieces that lean towards the minimalist side but that aren’t too sparse. 

Again, start with a statement headboard. We like a raised platform bed frame with a tall upholstered panel headboard that is classic and somewhat understated.  Look for ones with an interesting detail like brushed brass-finished nailhead trim around the edges that add a dash of distinction. A rectangle or arched silhouette typically works best for this look.

Add to the luxurious feel of the room with our 100% organic Italian cotton solid hemmed duvet cover and sheets in luxe silver. The sheen on the duvet will up-level the look and feel of the room and add a modern touch, while the sheets’ cooling and satiny comfort will ensure a restful night’s sleep. 

Add modern touches to your décor to complete the look. A tall mirror will make the bedroom appear bigger and reflect the light, making the room appear airier.  Bedside tables on either side of the bed - in a light colored, textured reclaimed wood that subtly matches the silver duvet - will add texture and depth. Floral arrangements will add a pop of color and a fresh feel to your bedroom. Our favorites are peonies or hydrangeas. 


If you’re a man and want an all-out modern luxe vibe with definitive masculine overtones, we recommend starting with a statement headboard. Choose something interesting like a tall rectangular upholstered headboard with texture. Or a simple modern headboard in black or charcoal. This will set the tone and mood of the room.  Use an interesting light source element to add a modern and futuristic touch, such as framing the bed with light or using it along the bed frame. 

For ultimate comfort and style, opt for our organic Italian solid hemmed duvet and sheets to complete the look, in shore. 

Modern, masculine accent pieces help set the mood, such as a backlit dressing wardrobe in dark wood tones, an art deco bench in brass with a black leather cushion or a bookcase in a deep, rich tone.

Whatever your style, have fun creating a bedroom aesthetic that matches your personality style. You can’t go wrong when it’s a reflection of you! 

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