The Sheets
Introducing Italy's Finest
Crafted by master artisans in Italy, our highest-quality, organic cotton transcends dreams. Tailored with our superior custom sateen weave, our heirloom linen reflects the matrimony of elegance and longevity. Lustrous and soft, meticulous in detail, our environmentally conscious bedding is cultivated through comfort, luxury and appearance.
Woven For Beauty
We spent years of research in pursuit of the perfect linen— One that was soft to the touch, luxurious to the eye, organic for the body, sustainable for the world, and most importantly, imperishable through time. After conducting hundreds of tests and trials, we invented our own, state of the art, luxury weave. Designed softer than Sateen and more durable than Percale, our innovative weave is created exclusively by Westlake. The exquisite artistry and longevity of our custom weave creates the ultimate satisfaction in the heirloom quality of our products.
Unrivaled Stitchery
Our dedication towards creating heirloom pieces demands nothing can be overlooked. We create the most intricate stitchery designed for durability and longevity. In addition to unrivaled craftsmanship, we uphold our unwavering promise of using all-organic materials by sewing all of our products with 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Thread.
Re-invented Natural Elastic
Our eco-conscious elastic is fit for the most restful dreams. By using threads of natural rubber made from trees, our fitted sheets possess a far superior grip that fits all. Our elastic design will secure a wrinkle-free bond between you and your sheets, making sure the only thing moving on your bed is you.
L shaped For Love
Our newly envisioned pillowcases are the bedrock to your most tranquil sleep . Our unique “L” shaped stitching, tailored for minimal thread to fabric contact, enhances the softness of the pillow against your skin. This elite stitching pattern eliminates unwanted dents and pillow marks on your face, keeping your luxury naps your little secret.
Elegantly Woven Tags
Our woven tags are emblematic of our mission to create products with all-organic materials. All tags serve as a marker for both care instructions and point of reference for dressing your bed. Located in the middle, bottom half of both fitted and flat sheets, they serve as a footer for quick and refined assembly. Pillowcase tags are located inside the hemline to maintain minimal skin to fabric disruption, while keeping the sleek and inconspicuous aesthetics of our design. With the use of deliberately placed tags, you are only moments away from making your dreams come true.
Engraved Pearl Buttons
Our laser engraved pearl shelled buttons are free of dyes and chemicals. Created as the finishing touch of luxury aesthetics, we have provided each duvet cover with extra buttons to maintain continuous elegance for years to come.